Monday, November 8 2010

  • Norval Smith (U Amsterdam), invited speaker:
    Accounting for split nasal allophony in Saramaccan
  • Yolanda Rivera (U Puerto Rico):
    Resolution of Constraint Conflict and the Emergence of Feature-Value Agreement in Creoles
  • Parth Bhatt (U Toronto):
    Syllable structure in Portuguese based Creoles of Africa
  • William Harwood (U Gent):
    Case Syncretism in Jamaican English
  • Muhsina Alleesaib (U Paris 8):
    A study of the multifunctional item bann in Mauritian
  • Ekaterina Bobyleva (U Amsterdam):
    Variable plural marking and the lexical semantics of (creole) nominal expressions
  • Enoch Aboh (U Amsterdam):
    From bareness to barness: Some notes on nominal phrases in Gungbe and Haitian Creole
  • Anne Zribi-Hertz & Loïc Jean-Louis (U Paris 8/SFL, CNRS): L(a)and lé in the Matinikè DP: towards a syntactic analysis

Tuesday, November 9 2010

  • John Lumsden (UQAM Montréal), invited speaker:
    Creoles, cognition and cognitive science
  • Marleen van de Vate (CASTL Tromsø):
    Counterfactuality in Saramaccan
  • Fernanda Pratas (U Nova de Lisboa):
    Pode, debe and kre: some Capeverdean modals are more equal than others
  • Tjerk Hagemeijer & Nelia Alexandre (U Lisboa):
    PP-extraction in Wh-constructions: Cape Verdean Creole, Santome, and beyond
  • Marlyse Baptista (U Michigan) & Miki Obata (Mie U, Japan):
    Complementizer-Alternation in Creole Languages: New Evidence for Spec-Head Agreement
  • Fabiola Henri (U Mauritius) & Olivier Bonami (Paris-Sorbonne/IUF/LLF):
    Assessing empirically the inflectional complexity of Mauritian Creole
  • Alain Kihm (U Paris 7):
    Portuguese and Creole Portuguese inflectional morphologies: an in-depth comparison