Selected talks

  • Demonstratives of Manner, Quality and Degree: Modification by Similarity.
    CNRS, Institute
    LLACAN (Langage, Langues et Cultures d’Afrique Noire), Villejuif (Paris), Dezember 2015

  • Making use of similarity in referential semantics.
    The Ninth Conference on Modeling and Using Context. Larnaca (Zypern), November 2015
    (mit Helmar Gust, Institut f. Kognitionswissenschaft, Osnabrück)

  • On-the-fly formation of kinds by similarity.
    Eleventh International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation, Tbilisi, September 2015

  • Some commonalities and differences between dimensional and aesthetic predicates.
    Workshop  Subjectivity, evaluativity and meaning. University of Amsterdam, September 2015

  • Features restricting ad-hoc kind formation.
    Workshop  Experimental Approaches to Semantics (ExAS) ESSLLI 2015 Barcelona, August 2015
  • Features restricting ad-hoc kind formation.
    Deutsches Seminar – Germanistische Linguistik, Universität Tübingen, Juni 2015
  •  English rather vs. German eher: A study in semantic micro‐variation,
    (with Stephanie Solt). Forum for theoretical linguistics, SynSem research group, University of Oslo, April 2015
  • Generating ad-hoc kinds by similarity.
    Workshop Formal Semantics Meets Cognitive Semantics, Radboud University Nijmegen, Jan 2015.
  • Adverbial anaphoric usage of the German demonstrative 'so'.
    Workshop Event semantics and lexical semantics, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Nov 2014.
  • Features of ad-hoc kinds created by similarity.
    Institut für Deutsche Sprache und Literatur I, Universität Köln, Nov 2014, invited talk.
  • Demonstrative Modifiers.
    Institut für Linguistik, Universität Frankfurt/M, Oct 2014, invited talk.
  • Demonstratives generating ad-hoc kinds.
    RALFe 2014. Université Paris 8, Oct 2014.
  • Interpreting similarity using attribute spaces and generalized measure functions (with Helmar Gust).
    Concept Types and Frames (CTF’14), Düsseldorf, Aug 2014.
  • Evaluative predicates.
    Tutorial with Friederike Moltmann at SPE 7, ZAS Berlin, June 2014.
  • Similarity vs. identity – two modes of demonstration.
    Workshop Demonstration and Demonstratives. Universität Stuttgart, April 2014.
  • Demonstratives: identity vs. similarity.
    DGfS Jahrestagung, Marburg, March 2014.
  • Zum Ausdruck von Ähnlichkeit im Deutschen.
    Philosophische Fakultät II der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Februar 2014, Vortrag zur Umhabilitation.
  • The semantic and the pragmatic dimension of evaluative statements.
    Workshop on Modeling Experiencers in Natural Language Semantics. 5th Indian School on Logic and its Applications, Tezpur University, Jan 2014, invited talk.
  • Similarity Demonstratives.
    Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics (IATL) 29. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Oct 2013.
  • The semantic and the pragmatic dimension of statements about matters of taste.
    Semantics & Philosophy in Europe (SPE), St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2013.
  • The meaning of the German demonstrative 'so'.
    The 14th Szklarska Poręba Workshop. Szklarska Poreba, March 2013.
  • Non-restrictive modification by evaluative predicates.
    Semantik-Kolloquium, Institut für Linguistik. Universität Frankfurt/M., Februar 2013, invited talk.
  • Similarity Demonstratives.
    Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Tübingen, Jan 2013, invited talk.
  • Ausdrücke der Ähnlichkeit.
    ILG Forschungsseminar, Universität Stuttgart, Jan 2013, invited talk.
  • Non-restrictive modification by evaluative predicates.
    Workshop 'Information, discourse structure and levels of meaning (IDL12)'. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Oct 2012.
  • Modification by similarity. (with Helmar Gust)
    Linguistisches Kolloquium, Universität Bielefeld, Oct 2012, invited talk.
  • Non-Restrictive Modification and Evaluativity
    Semantic and Pragmatic Properties of (Non)Restrictivity. Workshop hosted by SFB 732, Stuttgart, March 2012.
  • Modification by similarity – the meaning of the German demonstrative 'so'
    MDF2011 – workshop on modification (with & without modifiers), Madrid, Dec 2011.
  • German 'noch' as an additive particle.
    ESSLLI workshop on formal approaches to discourse particles and modal adverbs , Ljubljana, Aug 2011.
  • Intensifiers and measure phrases combined with verbs.
    Workshop Scalarity in Verb-Based Constructions, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf April 2011 (extended abstract)
  • Evaluative predicates and the attitude of 'finden'.
    Colloquium of the SFB 673 Alignment in Communication, University of Bielefeld, January 2011. (slides)
  • Similarity-based classification. (with Helmar Gust)
    KogWis 2010 – 10th Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science. University of Potsdam, October 3 – 6 2010 (abstract)
  • Grading by 'gewiss'. (with Cornelia Ebert)
    Workshop “Specificity from theoretical and empirical points of view”, University of Stuttgart, September 2010 (abstract)
  • Subjective Judgments in Dialog.
    Jahrestagung der DGfS, AG 8, Feb 2010.
  • Facts as Proofs.
    Workshop on Reference to Abstract Objects in Natural Language, March 2008, Barcelona (abstract)
  • German Demonstrative 'so'. (with Cornelia Ebert) Poster presented at the IKW poster session, February 2008 thumbnail
  • The role of 'so' in German equative comparison.
    Syntax and Semantics Conference CSSP, Paris, October 2007, (handout)
  • Anaphoric Reference to Gradable Adjectives.
    International Conference on Adjectives, Lille, September 2007 (slides)
  • 'Das auch so': Anaphoric reference to event predicates and event predicate modifiers (with Graham Katz). Sinn und Bedeutung 11, September 2006, Barcelona (handout)