Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

Primary research interests

  • Syntax and Prosody in connection to the expression of Information Structure
    • with special interest to wh-questions, cleft-sentences, left-dislocation and OSV, OVS and impersonal pseudo-passive (functional-/bare-/zero-coded-passive) structures
  • Syntax/Phonology Interface
    • with special interest to the syntax-prosody mapping of Intonation Phrases


  • Bantu Languages
    • in particular Bàsàa (Bantu A43, Cameroon), Embosi (Bantu C25, Republic of Congo), Kinyarwanda & Kirundi (Bantu DJ 61, Rwanda and Burundi)
  • Western Nilotic Languages
    • Lango, Dholuo and Acholi
  • French
    • Francilian colloquial variety
    • 'Standard' French
    • Cameroonian French (of Basaa speakers)
  • English
    • Rwandan English