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Peer-reviewed publications

Under review

  • NPIs in Constituent Questions, submitted to Natural Language Semantics

To appear

  • Saturating Syntax: Linkers and Modification in Tagalog.
    to appear in Lingua SI: Modification at the Interfaces. (with Greg Scontras)


  • Negation-resistant polarity items.
    In Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 9, 225-242.


  • On nested chain decompositions of normalized matching posets of rank 3. In Order 28, 357–373. (with Elinor Escamilla, Paul Salerno, Shahriar Shahriari and Jordan Tirrell)

Conference proceedings

To appear

  • VP ellipsis without parallel binding: towards a QUD approach.
    In Proceedings of SALT 24. (with P. Elliott and Y. Sudo)
  • Alternative questions as strongly exhaustive wh-questions.
    In Proceedings of NELS 44.


  • Negative polarity items in embedded constituent questions.
    In Proceedings of NELS 43, Vol 2: 27-40.
  • The syntax and semantics of genus–species splits in German.
    In Proceedings of CLS 46. (with Dennis Ott)


  • How does who compose?
    In Proceedings of AFLA 18, 125-139. (with Greg Scontras)
  • Positive Polarity Items: an alternative–based account.
    In Proceedings of SuB 16, Volume 2: 475-488.


In progress

  • Revisiting the negative concord problem. (with Anamaria Falaus)
    Epistemic uncertainty and strength of SIs: a view from PPIs.


  • An account of the co-occurrence of NPIs and PPIs, ms. Harvard University.
    Processing evidence for focus movement: a pilot study, ms. Harvard
    University and MIT. (with Yasutada Sudo)


  • On the source of non-core arguments in Somali, ms. Harvard University.
    (with Greg Scontras)