Call for papers

We invite abstracts for presentations looking at any linguistic issues
related to the marking or interpretation of aspect that are
particularly related to embedded clauses. We welcome submissions on
investigations at any grammatical level -- syntax, semantics,
morphology and their interfaces -- both comparative work and in-depth
considerations of phenomena in individual languages.  We also intend a
very inclusive definition of "aspect", including both "inner" aspect
and "outer" aspect, as well as potentially intermediate phenomena.

Abstracts should be a maximum of two pages, in 12pt font with 2.5 cm
(1 inch) margins on all four sides, the second page containing only
examples and references. Authors should take care to ensure that the
abstracts are completely anonymous, both in the text and the file
metadata. Abstracts must be submitted online, at the following
EasyChair page:

The deadline for abstract submissions is Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 at
23:59 Central European Time.

Contact person: Thomas McFadden