2018, Abstract review workshop at DGFS, 2019 “Sorting Out The Concept Behind Definiteness”.
2018 Abstract review for Sub23, Sinn & Bedeutung, annual meeting.
2017 Abstract review for Sub22, Sinn& Bedeuting annual meetin.
2015 Internal reviewer for the book : The Syntax and Semantics of PseudoIncorporation (Syntax & Semantics) by Olga Borik (Editor), Berit Gehrke (Editor), Brill publication.
2013 Abstract review for Console (Student Organization of Linguistics of Europe, University of Potsdam.
2010 Cahiers Linguistiques d'Ottawa/Ottawa Papers in Linguistics, a bilingual (English-French) peer-reviewed working paper series published by the Department of Linguistics of the University of Ottawa, member of editorial board.
2009 University of Ottawa Student Union, CUPE 2626, Vice President-1, Member of editorial board for edited Union Guide and newsletter.
2008, University of Ottawa Student Union, CUPE 2626, Chief Steward francophone Member of the editorial board of News Guide and news letter (English-French)

CUPE National’s University Workers Meeting, Montreal
CUPE Annual Convention, Windsor, Canada
Workshop on human rights, Toronto.
CUPE annual convention, Niagara Falls