Dr Hadil Karawani was born and raised in Jerusalem where she attended her school studies at Schmidt's Girls College, from which she graduated in 1999 with a GCSE degree acquired from the University of London. She then started her university studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, but moved to the University of Haifa to finish her BA degree in Journalism and English Language and Linguistics. She obtained her MA degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in General Linguistics, before starting her Ph.D. studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her appointment in Amsterdam was within the joint project Crosslinguistic Semantics of the ACLC and the ILLC and parts of her Ph.D. studies were spent at the Linguistics Department at MIT. Her Ph.D. dissertation entitled The real, the fake, and the fake fake is a crosslinguistic investigation of counterfactual conditionals with special emphasis on Palsetinian Arabic and was promoted by Prof. Dr Frank Veltman and Prof. Dr Josep Quer.

Hadil just started a new post-doc position at ZAS working on non-past (modal) uses of past tense morphology. This project is funded by the DFG and is in collaboration with Prof. Dr Manfred Krifka and Prof. Dr Hedde Zeijlstra.