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eBooks by Language Science Press - OPEN ACCESS

Via Knowledge Unlatched we cooperate with Language Science Press.
Within the collection "Knowledge Unlatched - Language Science Press 2018-2020" there are 21 titles in 2018 by Language Science Press recorded in our catalogue. These are free available via the "Online Library And Publication Platform OAPEN":

2018.eb1-LSP ONLINE
African linguistics on the prairie : selected papers from the 45th Annual Conference on African Linguistics /
edited by Jason Kandybowicz, Travis Major, Harold Torrence, Philip T. Duncan.
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb2-LSP ONLINE
Kroeger, Paul: Analyzing meaning : an introduction to semantics and pragmatics
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb3-LSP ONLINE
Beiträge zur deutschen Grammatik : Gesammelte Schriften von Tilman N. Höhle /Herausgegeben von Stefan Müller, Marga Reis, Frank Richter.
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb4-LSP ONLINE
Fox, Wendy: Can integrated titles improve the viewing experience? : investigating the impact of subtitling on the reception and enjoyment of film using eye tracking and questionnaire data
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb5-LSP ONLINE
Bacskai-Atkari, Julia: Deletion phenomena in comparative constructions : English comparatives in a cross-linguistic perspective
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb6-LSP ONLINE
Diachrony of differential argument marking / edited by Ilja A. Serzant, Alena Witzlack-Makarevich.
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb7-LSP ONLINE
Müller, Sonja: Distribution und Interpretation von Modalpartikel-Kombinationen
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb8-LSP ONLINE
Mücke, Doris: Dynamische Modellierung von Artikulation und prosodischer Struktur : Eine Einführung in die Artikulatorische Phonologie
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb9-LSP ONLINE
Grammatical theory : from transformational grammar to constraint-based approaches / Stefan Müller. - Second revised and extended edition.
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb10-LSP ONLINE
Language technologies for a multilingual Europe : TC3 III. - Georg Rehm [Mitarb.].
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb11-LSP ONLINE
The languages of Malta / edited by Patrizia Paggio, Albert Gatt
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb12-LSP ONLINE
Learning context effects : study abroad, formal instruction and international immersion classrooms / edited by Carmen Pérez Vidal, Sonia Lopez-Serrano, Jennifer Ament, Dakota J. Thomas-Wilhelm
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb13-LSP ONLINE
The lexeme in descriptive and theoretical morphology / edited by Olivier Bonami [and 4 more]
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb14-LSP ONLINE
Bergmann, Pia: Morphologisch komplexe Wörter : Prosodische Struktur und phonetische Realisierung
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb15-LSP ONLINE
Multiword expressions : insights from a multi-lingual perspective / edited by Manfred Sailer, Stella Markantonatou
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb16-LSP ONLINE
Pozdniakov, Konstantin: The numeral system of Proto-Niger-Congo
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb17-LSP ONLINE
Perspectives on information structure in Austronesian languages / edited by Sonja Riesberg, Asako Shiohara, Atsuko Utsumi
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb18-LSP ONLINE
Rene de Saussure and the theory of word formation / edited by Stephen R. Anderson, Louis de Saussure
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb19-LSP ONLINE
Schäfer, Martin: The semantic transparency of English compound nouns
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb20-LSP ONLINE
Hölzl, Andreas: A typology of questions in Northeast Asia and beyond : an ecological perspective
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

2018.eb21-LSP ONLINE
Moran, Steven: The unicode cookbook for linguists : managing writing systems using orthography profiles
URL: www.oapen.org/search (OAPEN)

eBooks by De Gruyter

All below listed eBooks (pdf) and media combinations (pdf + print issue) are available within the IP range of the ZAS.

Please read this important note concerning the Licensing Conditions before accessing the contents of the eBooks:
De Gruyter neither limits simultaneous accesses nor generell access on the acquired elektronic media. A pdf can be opened unlimited. Legitimate users may save or print small parts (individual chapters of a book) during a session as electronic copies (see No 3.4 Licensing Conditions). Only for private, scientific and non-commercial purposes. No distribution to third parties. The download or print of all chapters of a book is not permitted. Here the complete Licensing Conditions of De Gruyter can be read.

2015.eb4 ONLINE
Code-switching between structural and sociolinguistic perspectives / ed. by Gerald Stell and Kofi Yakpo.

2015.eb15 ONLINE
Cognitive linguistics and sociocultural theory : applications for second and foreign language teaching /  Kyoko Masuda ; Carlee Arnett ; Angela Labarca [Hrsg.].
2015.eb5 ONLINE
Communication competence / edited by Annegret F. Hannawa and Brian H. Spitzberg.
2015.eb6 ONLINE
Deutsche Grammatik in Kontakt : Deutsch als Zweitsprache in Schule und Unterricht / Klaus-Michael Köpcke [Hrsg.]; Arne Ziegler [Hrsg.].
2015.eb8 ONLINE
Everyday languaging : collaborative research on the language use of children and youth / hrsg. von Lian Malai Madsen ; Martha Sif Karrebæk ; Janus Spindler Møller.

2015.eb10 ONLINE
Handbook of cognitive linguistics / Ewa Dabrowska [Hrsg.]; Dagmar Divjak [Hrsg.].

2015.eb2 ONLINE
Handbuch Satz, Äußerung, Schema / Christa Dürscheid [Hrsg.]; Jan Georg Schneider [Hrsg.].

2015.eb11 ONLINE
Handbuch Sprache in der Wirtschaft / Markus Hundt [Hrsg.]; Dorota Biadala [Hrsg.].

2014.222 (LS) ; 2014.mk1 ONLINE (media combination)
Handbuch Sprache und Wissen
/ Ekkehard Felder [Hrsg.]; Andreas Gardt [Hrsg.].

2015.eb1 ONLINE
Handbuch Wort und Wortschatz / Ulrike Haß [Hrsg.]; Petra Storjohann [Hrsg.].

2015.10 (LS) ; 2015.mk1 ONLINE (media combination)
Language contact and documentation
/ Contacto lingüístico y documentación / ed. by Bernard Comrie.

Per 273-005 ; 2016.mk1 ONLINE (media combination)
Language development / ed. by Peter Jordens and Josine A. Lalleman.
2014.223 (LS) ; 2014.mk2 ONLINE (media combination)
Manual of language acquisition
/ ed. by Christiane Fäcke.

2015.eb9 ONLINE
On the dynamics of early multilingualism : a psycholinguistic study / ed. by Barbara Hofer.

2015.eb3 ONLINE
Quantitative Linguistik : ein internationales Handbuch = Quantitative linguistics / Gerold Ungeheuer [Hrsg.]; Herbert Ernst Wiegand [Hrsg.]; Reinhard Köhler [Hrsg.].

2015.eb7 ONLINE
Satztypen und Konstruktionen / herausgegeben von Rita Finkbeiner und Jörg Meibauer.

2015.eb12 ONLINE
Sign languages of the world : a comparative handbook / Julie Bakken Jepsen [Hrsg.]; Goedele De Clerck [Hrsg.]; Sam Lutalo-Kiingi [Hrsg.]; William McGregor [Hrsg.]. -

2015.eb13 ONLINE
Sprachwissenschaft im Fokus : Positionsbestimmungen und Perspektiven / Ludwig Eichinger [Hrsg.].

2015.eb14 ONLINE
Variation in language : system- and usage-based approaches / ed. by Aria Adli, Marco García García and Göz Kaufmann.

2019.eb1-dG ONLINE
Boundaries and bridges : language contact in multilingual ecologies / ed. by Kofi Yakpo and Pieter C. Muysken.