Current research topics

  • How do listeners use prosody to predict upcoming speech?
  • How does intonation cue and influence pragmatic inferences?
  • How are difference sources of phonetic variation used in language processing?

Directed/Co-directed research projects

  • 10/2010- 10/2012
    Varieties of Figurative Language w/ Stavros Assimakopolous & Lewis Bott (ESF funded EURO XPRAG project)
  • 09/2003-09/2004 Stipendium - Fugenelemente und deutsche Nominalkomposita

Member of the following research projects

  • Since 10/2012
    Constituent related phenomena of spoken language (PB1, ZAS)
  • 10/2010- 12/2012
    Time-course of inferences in language comprehension w/  Lewis Bott , Dan Grodner , Todd Bailey (ESRC project RES-062-23-2410)
  • 09/2009-09/2010
    The learning and generalization of non-native contrastive cues w/ Meghan Sumner