Special Issue of Phonetica 73
Marzena Zygis and Zofia Malisz are quest editors of a high profile journal Phonetica. Their "Slavic Perspectives on Prosody" is a double-issue volume which explores a plethora of issues that are currently considered crucial in solving critical problems in the field of prosody. The papers are gathered into two sub-topics: "Slavic Prosody" which focuses on purely prosodic phenomena, i.e., timing, acoustic correlates of prominence, rhythm and intonation and "Interfaces in Slavic Prosody" in which the explanations are based on links to other linguistic areas such as information structure, syntax and pragmatics.
All studies presented in this volume use up-to-date and established descriptive methodologies as well as theoretical frameworks enabling not only the comparison of results on Slavic with other languages but also the extension and revision of existing models and theories. In presenting this collection of studies the editors believe to provide a platform on which some of the current, high quality phonetic research on Slavic prosody is shown and a valuable reference for future investigations is provided.

Database of clause-embedding predicates released as Public Beta
The ZAS Database of Clause-embedding Predicates documents the clausal complementation patterns of a series of lexical predicates in several languages. It is built around a curated collection of corpus examples which illustrate different types of embedding for each predicate and are annotated for a number of grammatical properties. This makes it possible to run powerful queries on the database to obtain examples or predicates that meet different criteria. The contemporary German portion, along with a custom-built search interface, has now been released as a public beta on the OWIDplus platform, in cooperation with the Institut für Deutsche Sprache. This release contains over 1,700 clause-embedding predicates and nearly 17,000 corpus examples. Future releases will expand coverage to include additional languages and historical stages of German.

We are searching for research participants for linguistic experiments!
The Leibniz-Center General Linguistics (ZAS) and the Humboldt University are looking for research participants, who can participate in our language experiments either in our institutes in Berlin-Mitte or online (you must be at least 18 years old). You can find detailed information on our website  and can register to receive invitations for new and current experiments. After you have registered, you can always decide which experiments you want to participant in and when. Please support our research by signing up and participating!

Dienstag, 11.7.2017, 18:30
Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger (Universität zu Köln): Namen sind mehr als Schall und Rauch. Zur Bedeutung von Namen in der Gesellschaft.

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