Current research topics

  • Interplay of focus, intonation and implicatures
  • Embedded implicatures
  • Mental representation of alternatives
  • Role of alternatives and scales in language acquisition
  • Presupposition accomodation


Directed research projects/grants

  • Collaboration with Judith Degen und Noah Goodman "Lost ALL of your marbles? The Impact of the Question Under Discussion (QUD) on embedded implicatures" (short term collaboration grant,, since 1/2015


Member of the following research projects

  • "Vagueness, approximation and granularity" (VAAG), PIs: Uli Sauerland and Manfred Krifka, 4/2011-9/2011
  • "Effects of linguistic and non-linguistic context information on the usage of information-structural alternatives", Collaborative Research Center 632 Information Structure, PIs: Isabell Wartenburger und Katharina Spalek, 10/2011-9/2014
  • "Experimental game theory and scalar implicatures" (SIGames), Priority Programme 1272, PI: Anton Benz, since 10/2014