Corpora on the website of the DWDS
Digital Dictionary of German language (DWDS). Publisher: Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW).

The "Database for Spoken German (DGD) is a corpus management system in the programme area "Oral Corpora of the Institute for German Language (IDS). Using the database requires registration.

The "Berliner Wendekorpus" contains transcribed narrative interviews with people from East and West Berlin about the events of 9th November 1989. The corpus is accessible via DWDS and via DGD. Using the database requires registration.

TLA - The Language Archive
The Language Archive is a unit of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics concerned with digital language resources and tools. It contains a data archive about languages worldwide, deals with data creation, management and exploration tools and offers archiving and software expertise for the Digital Humanities.

The Language Goldmine
Links to several linguistic databases and datasets, including corpora of all varieties.

is a multilingual corpus which promotes research in the study of human and animal communication. It contains sample databases from within several subfields of communication, including first language acquisition, second language acquisition, conversation analysis, classroom discourse, and aphasic language.

The Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES) is a corpus established in 1984 by Brian MacWhinney and Catherine Snow to serve as a central repository for first language acquisition data. Its earliest transcripts date from the 1960s, and it now has contents (transcripts, audio, and video) in over 20 languages from 130 different corpora, all of which are publicly available worldwide. Recently, CHILDES has been made into a component of the larger corpus TalkBank, which also includes language data from aphasics, second language acquisition, conversation analysis, and classroom language learning.

Department of German Studies and Linguistics
Links to corpora on the website of the "Department of German Studies and Linguistics" at the Humboldt University Berlin

Projects and Corpora in "Corpus Linguistics und Morphology" at the "Department of German Studies and Linguistics (Humboldt University Berlin)

Institute for German Language
Links to corpora on the website of the "Institute for German Language (IDS) Mannheim [in German]

Hamburg Center for language corpora (HZSK)
Corpora of the "The Hamburg Center for language corpora (HZSK)"

Accessible German Corpora
A collection of Corpora, compiled by the University Bayreuth, Department of German Linguistics [in German]

Corpora on "LINSE - the Linguistics Host Essen"
Compiled by the University Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen, Fakulty for Humanities, German studies/Linguistics [in German]

Corpora/Research data on "Lin|gu|is|tik, the internet portal for linguistics"

University of Oxford Text Archive

Corpora at

The project (REDE) is funded by the Academy of Sciences and Literature (Mainz). The research project of the "Marburger Research Centre of German Language Atlas" with the aim of exploring the modern regional languages of the Germans is a research-centered language geographical information system. There is access to digitized voice atlases, audio documents, Wenkerbogen (data basis for Georg Wenkers language atlases) and regional linguistic databases.