Bilingual children in the transition period from kindergarten to school: a developmental study of their reading and writing competence (DRUSLI)

The aim of the project is to identify the early predictors for problems in bilingual children's reading and writing competence in first and second grade. By observing the language development of Russian-German bilingual children in the transition period from kindergarten to school, these predictors will be examined within the framework of this project.
Two competences are of particular interest: (a) the phonological competence (phonological representations measured based on NWRT and on decision tasks between existing words and non-words), the phonological awareness and the rapid automatized naming, and (b) the narrative abilities with morphological, syntactic and semantic components as well as the competence in discourse, macrostructure and microstructure. All these components are considered as being predictors for the later ability of reading, writing and spelling.



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PD Dr. Natalia Gagarina
PD Dr. Katrin Lindner (LMU M√ľnchen)