Participant recruiting


Do you speak




with your parents?



For our international study we are looking for Russian-speaking participants in the area of Berlin, who:


  • Are 16-17 or 25-35 years old*;
  • Were born in Germany or moved to Germany before their 3rd birthday and have grown up here;
  • Do not have any speech or hearing impairment.

The experiment takes place in two dates. The participation in the study is paid with 30 Euros.
If we have attracted your interest and you want to take part in the study, please send an e-mail to rueg-p3.slawistik (at)
We're looking forward to your participation!


*If you are 1-2 years outside the specified age group, you can still participate in the study.


Funding period


Principal Investigators

PD Dr. Natalia Gagarina (ZAS) & Prof. Dr. Luka Szucsich (HU Berlin)