Research interests

  • Syntax-semantics interface
  • Syntax and prosody/intonation

Ongoing research

  • Syntax-semantics interface with w-in-situ languages
  • Semantics of root sentences, indirect speech and parentheticals
  • Strong and weak necessity modals in German
  • Interaction of stress and syntactic movement (and LF-reconstruction)
  • Research overview of phrasal stress
  • Research overview of the meaning of intonation contours

Past projects with third-party funding

  • Turkish interrogatives at the interfaces, H.T., 2012–2017, including a cost-neutral extension after 2015
  • Pre-attentive phonotactic processing. Prof. Dr. Thomas Jacobsen (initially Univ. Leizip, by now H.-Schmidt-Univ. Hamburg) and H.T., 2007–2010 and 2010–2013, in the SPP 1234. [neural processing of the violation of phonological rules in German]
  • Behavioral and neural correlates of vowel length in German and of its interaction with the tense/lax contrast. PD Dr. Ingo Hertrich (Univ. of Tübingen) and H.T., 2009–2012, in the SPP 1234.
  • Development of prosodic competence in early first language acquisition: Behavioral and neurophysiological investigations. Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle, Prof. Dr. Isabell Frohn-Wartenburger (beide Univ. Potsdam) and H.T., 2009–2012, in the SPP 1234. [Cues für intonation phrase boundaries: acquisition and neural processing]
  • A comparative study of downstep. H.T., 2006–2010, in the SPP 1234
  • Central project of the SPP 1234: with Prof. Dr. Richard Wiese, 2006–2009 and (in addition with Prof. Dr. Greg Dogil) 2009–2012.
  • Satzgefüge - Subordination - Parenthese. Prof. Dr. Marga Reis and H.T. 01.01.2005 - 31.12.2008.