Pragmatic Requirements for Answer Generation in a Sales Dialogue

The project's goal is to model three interacting pragmatic aspects of utterance generation based on the dialogue situation "sales talk in real estate acquisition," between an artificial consultant and human customers. By an implementation and subsequent evaluation, the sustainability of the theoretical assumptions will be tested. The three interacting aspects are:

  • the use of rhetorical relations in dialogue situations
  • framing effects
  • relevance implicatures; in particular their interaction with rhetorical relations and framing effects

The project aims at a clarification of the interaction of these three aspects. The evocation of implicature in text generation has been little investigated in the past. We take up an important development in recent research on game theoretic pragmatics and implement the model, which will be developed in this project, in the generation component of a dialog system.

Project description (German)

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Funding period

01.07.2013 - 30.06.2016

Principal Investigator

Dr. Anton Benz & Prof. Dr. Ralf Klabunde (U Bochum)