Berlin Bantu Conference (B4ntu)

Special theme: Historical Bantu Linguistics

7-9 APRIL 2011

Held at the Department of African Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Besides the general sessions, two workshops are organised in conjunction
with the conference:

Workshop 1: Bantu and its closest relatives

Organized by Jean-Marie Hombert and Larry Hyman

The purpose of this workshop is to examine the origin and evolution of Bantu linguistic specificities especially with regards to corresponding features in closely related linguistic groups of languages. Five main themes will be covered (phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, classification) with one main paper for each theme followed by one or two discussants per paper.

Workshop 2: Tone and Intonation in Bantu

Organized by Sophie Manus and Cédric Patin

While tone and intonation were for a long time considered separate research topics, their relationship has recently received more attention (Hyman & Monaka 2008, Michaud 2008, Zerbian et al. 2009). This workshop aims to address, among many others, the following questions: is it (always) necessary to make a distinction between tonal and non-tonal intonation? How do lexical tones and intonational tones interact? Do intonational tones share the properties of lexical tones (e.g. the ability to shift, to spread)? Papers that address the relationship between tone and other elements of prosody (e.g. intensity, voice quality, speech rate, rhythm, phrasing, etc.) will also be welcome.

B4ntu Conferenz