Workshop Root Phenomena

In their classical paper, Hooper and Thompson 1973 described root phenomena as occurring unembedded and under assertive embedding. Unembedded environments include what would today be unintegrated (Reis 1997) or peripheral (Haegeman 2004) adjunct clauses as well as appositive relatives (see de Vries 2006, Citko 2008). Matrix verbs that allow assertive embedding show interesting parallels to those verbs that embed indicative (as opposed to subjunctive) mood in Romance, a parallel explored early for English parenthetical formation in Bolinger 1968. A helpful recent review of the literature on embedded root phenomena is Heycock 2006.

The workshop is planned as a syntactic enterprise, with a welcome to semanticists. Questions of interest include, but are not limited to: Non-uniformity of embedded root phenomena (e.g. de Haan 2001), Germanic V2 as a root phenomenon (Reis 1997, see Bentzen et al. 2007), root phenomena in non-Germanic languages, modal particles and root phenomena (see e.g. Coniglio 2007), root phenomena and speech acts, more precise characterizations of 'assertive' embeddings, the grammatical representation of root phenomena, the semantic interpretation of root phenomena (see e.g. Potts 2005).