Sentence Types, Sentence Moods and Illocutionary Forces: An International Conference to honor Manfred Bierwisch


The notion of speech act, introduced half a century ago, has proved immensely fruitful for language-related disciplines. Yet, the very nature of speech acts, and their place in a theory of grammar and discourse, is still a matter of debate, and comparative research reveals new types of speech acts and ways how speech acts can be expressed.

The conference will bring together philosophers of language interested in the foundations of speech act theory with linguists concerned with the inventory of speech acts in particular language communities and the expression of speech acts in their languages, the function of speech acts in specific discourses, as well as the acquisition and processing of speech acts. One focus is on speech acts as a phenomenon that straddles semantics and pragmatics, and particularly on the issue of  speech-act embeddings.
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Organizers: Hans-Martin Gärtner, Manfred Krifka & Manfred Bierwisch