Theoretical Pragmatics - TPrag 2011

Date: 13-Oct-2011 - 15-Oct-2011
Location: Berlin, Germany
Contact Person: Katja Jasinskaja
Meeting Email: jasinskaja(at)
Web Site:
Linguistic Field(s): Philosophy of Language; Pragmatics; Semantics;
Call Deadline: 15-Jun-2011

Meeting Description:

The last decade witnessed a surge of new research in pragmatics and several new theoretical frameworks emerged: different variants of game theoretic and optimality theoretic approaches, non-Gricean approaches to implicatures, and multi-dimensional approaches to meaning.  At the same time, research in other frameworks such as Neo-Gricean pragmatics, speech act-theory, theories of vagueness and presupposition theory has progressed rapidly as well. In many areas, an influx of researchers with training in formal semantics has brought formal precision to pragmatic theories. This has led to new empirical predictions, but also sometimes shifted or blurred the semantics-pragmatics boundary.  After a decade of diversification, it is time to bring the different approaches together and compare their results and methodologies.

It is the aim of this conference to provide a forum for research on theoretical pragmatics. Pragmatics is understood in a wide sense, including not only classical topics like Gricean pragmatics, speech act and presupposition theory, but also e.g. theoretical models of socio-linguistics, language evolution, and language change. In order to foster the interaction between experimental and theoretical approaches, we explicitly encourage presentations of theoretical models which have a basis in experimental studies, or allow for experimentally testable predictions.

Invited speakers:

  • Richard Breheny, University College London
  • Michael Franke, University of Tübingen
  • Lotte Hogeweg, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Prashant Parikh, Univeristy of Pennsylvania
  • Mandy Simons, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Benjamin Spector, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
  • Jason Stanley, Rutgers University - New Brunswick


  • Anton Benz (ZAS, Berlin)
  • Katja Jasinskaja (ZAS, Berlin)
  • Uli Sauerland (ZAS, Berlin)

Reviewing Board:

  • Nicholas Allott
  • Anton Benz
  • Reinhard Blutner
  • Richard Breheny
  • Michael Franke
  • Thorstein Fretheim
  • Bart Geurts
  • Alison Hall
  • Jerry Hobbs
  • Lotte Hogeweg
  • Katja Jasinskaja
  • Jacques Jayez
  • Manfred Krifka
  • Emar Maier
  • Clemens Mayr
  • Roland Mühlenbernd
  • Prashant Parikh
  • Uli Sauerland
  • Mandy Simons
  • Brian Skyrms
  • Stephanie Solt
  • Benjamin Spector
  • Jason Stanley
  • Mark Textor

The conference is organized and sponsored by the ZAS programme area 6 Interfaces between sentence semantics and discourse strategies, the DfG project Implicatures and Discourse Structure (IDis), and the Emmy-Noether research group Interpretation of Quantifiers.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2011
  • Notification of acceptance: August 1, 2011
  • Conference: October 13-15, 2011