AG Diskursstruktur und Implikaturen

Workshop organised as part of the Annual Conference of the German
Linguistic Society (DGfS) to be held in Göttingen, Germany, February 23-25, 2011

Organisers: Anton Benz, Katja Jasinskaja, Fabienne Salfner

Human communication is characterized by the ability to convey more information than uttered just by words. There are two major theoretical frameworks that approach this matter from different perspectives: one is the theory of rhetorical relations that characterizes the macro-structure of discourse. This approach derives the additional content from the kind of connection between discourse segments. The other approach is the theory of conversational implicatures, which usually considers a single speech act and derives the additional content from the assumption that the communication participants observe the conversational maxims. The workshop will provide a platform to discuss the interplay of these two aspects of pragmatic inference: discourse structure and implicatures.

Keynote speakers:
Bart Geurts
Nicholas Asher

Programme committee:
Nicholas Asher
Maria Averintseva-Klisch
Anton Benz
Christian Chiarcos
Michael Franke
Bart Geurts
Gerhard Jäger
Katja Jasinskaja
Elena Karagjosova
Edgar Onea
Janina Rado
Robert van Rooij
Uli Sauerland
Fabienne Salfner
Barbara Schmiedtova
Katrin Schulz
Maria Spychalska
Carla Umbach
Kazuko Yatsushiro
Henk Zeevat