Workshop 'Game Theory and Pragmatics'

This workshop is a meeting of the European interest group in game theoretic pragmatics. It brings together leading scientists in the field, and is intended as a forum for the discussion of recent and on-going research.

Is has long been argued that the proper understanding of language use depends on a proper understanding of the principles that govern interaction between rational agents in general. Game theory is the science of interactive decision making. As such, it is the natural foundational framework of linguistic pragmatics. Over the last decade, a firm research community has emerged with a strong interdisciplinary character, involving economists, linguists, mathematicians, philosophers, and social scientists. Within this field of research, three major currents can be distinguished: one is closely related to the Gricean paradigm and aims at a precise foundation of pragmatic reasoning, the second originates in the economic literature and is concerned with the role of game theory in the context of language use, and the third aims at language evolution seen either from a biological or cultural perspective.

Game Theory and Pragmatics Meeting
October 5-6, 2012
ZAS Berlin